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South Cornwall is known for its beautiful coastline views and stunning weather during the spring/summer. It also happens to be home to plenty of great cycling routes in and around the Polruan/Fowey area. If you’re looking for a fun and scenic cycle route, then here are the best five in the area:

Cycle To Sclerder Abbey

Cycle To Sclerder Abbey

This point to point cycle route is just over 10 miles long making it perfect for a relaxed cruise across the Cornish coastline. You can start off in either Fowey or Polruan, and make your way east towards Sclerder Abbey. Along the way, you’ll pass through Polperro and could stop there for a brief break and a snack in one of the lovely cafes.

Then, carry on north and slightly east until you reach Sclerder Abbey, an old Roman Catholic abbey from the 1800’s that’s still home to an order of enclosed nuns. It’s hard to miss, and the locals will know how to direct you there, which makes it the perfect point for a cycle route.

Have a look around the local area and take in the Cornish heritage before cycling back the way you came all the way to your base camp in Fowey/Polruan. All in all, it’s 20 miles as each way is a 10-mile journey.

Cycle to Herodsfoot

Cycle Around A390 Road

Just a little bit north of Polruan and you will find one of the most popular cycle trails in the area. From your base camp, you should find your way towards Herodsfoot. Herodsfoot is a lovely little village and is well worth passing through on your journey. Continue your tour north until you reach the village of Dobwalls, which is home to Dobwalls Adventure Park.

Make a note of it as it’s a great place to come back with family for a day trip another time! Dobwalls also lies on the A390 road, which serves as a focus point for this journey. Your aim is to cycle north towards St Neot, then west and south until you come to Restorm, which is almost opposite Dobwalls on the A390.

From here you can carry on back south towards Polruan and Fowey. Now, you could make this entire trip on your bike if you’re feeling really adventurous. Or, you could take your car up to Restorm, and cycle a big circle around the A390, going to Herodsfoot, then Dowalls, and back down to your car. It shortens the cycle route to around 30 miles, which is the perfect distance for an all-day ride. This is a great route as you get to pass through loads of little Cornish towns and marvel at the natural landscapes.

Cycle From Polruan To Fowey

Cycle From Polruan To Fowey

Polruan and Fowey are very much neighbours. Both little towns are situated right next to each other on the South coast of Cornwall. The only hitch is that the River Fowey separates them, meaning you have to get a short ferry ride to go between the towns. Or, you could go on this cycle route that takes you right from Polruan, all the way around to Fowey in just under 24 miles.

You head up from your base camp in Polruan all the way towards Lanreath, then up towards Braddock and southwest towards Lostwithiel and Lanlivery. Then cycle back down south towards Fowey and hop on the ferry back to Polruan! It’s a great route if you’re looking for a proper tour of this area and there are so many lovely towns and wildlife to take in.

Cycle From Polruan To Fowey (Shorter Version)

Cycle From Polruan To Fowey (Shortened)

If you don’t fancy a long cycle from Polruan to Fowey, then you don’t have to miss out. There’s another route that’s half the distance (15 miles) and brings you closer to the River Fowey too. Again, you can start off in Polruan, only this time to cycle up towards Lanteglos and make your way up the short highway to Penpoll, St Veep and carry on until you get to Lerryn.

Feel free to take a quick break and marvel at the beautiful river that runs through this town as well as the traditionally Cornish architecture. Then, its back to work and continue up the long Lanwithan Road until you cross the River Fowey and end up in Lostwithiel. Then, it’s a case of making your journey back down on the other side of the river towards Fowey itself.

You’ll pass through some lovely towns and see loads of beautiful open fields including the Trebathevy Farm. Keep going down the B 3269, cut through Lescrow and make your way into Fowey. With this shortened version, you might not get to see as much of Cornwall as the longer one, but you will have more time to enjoy Fowey. So, why not stop off at the aquarium while you rest up and get the Ferry across.

Cycle To The Eden Project

Cycle To The Eden Project

The Eden Project is simply something everyone needs to see when they visit Cornwall. The great thing is, it’s only around 8 miles away from Fowey/Polruan (16 miles there and back), and there’s a great cycle route to and from it.

The best thing is, the cycle route is really simple too, all you have to do is follow the B 3269 out of Fowey towards Castledore and then turn east towards Tywardreath, carry on to St Blazey, and then cycle down Cornhill Road and you’re pretty much there.

Now, you have plenty of time to explore this amazing attraction, we recommend seeing the indoor rainforest! Take the same route home only in reverse order, and you’ll be back well in time for dinner. You could also start this route in Polruan and just take the ferry across the river to Fowey.

All of these routes are brilliant if you’re looking to cycle around South Cornwall and explain what this little section of the Cornish coast has to offer. You’ll take in all the lovely landscapes and beautiful wildlife on each of these rides. Plus, you get to see so many quaint towns and villages along the way, there’s no knowing what hidden gems you might stumble upon.

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